Providing bespoke accommodation to meet the needs of young adults with autism in Cornwall.

We delivered this project in close partnership with Cornwall Council and our providers. This project was designed bespoke for a cohort of young adults with autism and learning disabilities returning to the area after college. The project was designed to meet their short-term and long-term needs.

The project is set in a peaceful and green location, neighbouring an equestrian centre. The project has a large parking area for residents who regularly travel in caravans for respite care. The property is equally accessible to the local amenities a short walk away, enabling our residents to integrate into the local community fully.

The project was designed to be a mix of self-contained accommodation for residents with more complex needs and provide staff a sleep-in space to ensure 2 – 1 care. Following the request to support greater social interactions, we included ample communal areas and installed a ceiling-to-floor window to immerse nature in the real estate.